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Image of Kalklitir - Natural Lime Paint - Carrera

Kalklitir - Natural Lime Paint - Carrera


Love this Kalklitir Carrera ... it is such a wonderful white - just as the name suggests - I absolutely love this color!!

Kalklitir wall finishes are natural lime paints for use on walls and furniture. They are beautiful, environmentally friendly, and are VOC free as they are made from natural lime and natural pigments. When mixed with water - Kalklitir produces a gorgeous chalky matte finish that has superb depth and will age beautifully over time - from old world interiors to the most modern of houses!

Kalklitir is packaged as a powder in 1 kg bags. When mixed with 1.7 liters of water, each bag will make 2 liters of lime paint. These 2 liters will cover approximately 6 - 10 square meters or 65 to 105 square feet in two coats. (Kalklitir recommends a two coat application).

Kalklitir should always be applied with a lime brush - and should not be rolled with a roller. A wall primed with an acrylic primer is always best - especially when any touch-up such as spackling has recently been done. Applying Kalklitir is simple and easy to do - please feel free to view the videos on our blog to see how truly easy it is to apply! And - welcome to the beautiful world of Kalklitir!! :)

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